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HockeyDev360 Video Review

Junior, College, and Semi-Pro experience


- Quick turn around overlay notes on clips

- One-on-one zoom session


Package Options

- Quick individual play or shift

- Individual player shifts one period

- Individual player games

- Team period

- Team full game

- Forward, Defense, or Goaltender


Acquire game film

Package Options

Video breakdown

One-on-one video breakdown

Step 1 - Acquire game film. Options are to clip shifts off of LiveBarn or Hockey TV and send clips to us. An easier option is to personally record your players shifts and send to us. If needed, for an additional cost, we can clip the shifts. 

Full game footage also an option for team review.

Decide on what type of package you are looking for:

     - Quick period worth of shifts breakdown

     - Full game breakdown

     - Team breakdown one period

     - Team breakdown full game

We will review each game/series of shifts sent to us and provide in depth notes for each play for your player and options that can come out of each scenario.

If you wish to request a one-on-one video zoom session, please let us know and we will schedule a time to go over the specifics of your players clips.

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