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  The 360 Mission

Our mission at Hockey Development 360 is to bring a complete training aid to every player that participates in our program. We want every player to have a unique experience each time they come and have the opportunity to reach their full potential as a player. The game of hockey is never the same; the flow and plays are always different, no matter how many times they are done. We have placed players from inhouse teams to elite AAA teams in the area and have placed travel players into competitive Junior and College level hockey.


Our "Strive for Five" Philosophy


We know our "Strive for Five" program will get the player's attention and help them achieve their dreams in their hockey future. We work together with players and parents to make a fully custom system to get any part of your game where it needs to be by choosing what you want to work on, not just doing a routine workout. Given our background and knowledge of playing and coaching, we understand the challenges in youth hockey, and our team is geared towards addressing those problems through our "Strive for Five" program.


Knowing the problems throughout youth sports  >


Pressure of an older peer on a youth player to excel at a sport  >

Overemphasis on winning at the cost of learning  >

Focus on the wrong training due to lack of knowledge  >

Misguided players from lack of educated coaches in their youth career  >

Choosing one sport at to early of an age stunts development  >

Lack of knowledge on the key points in a developing player  >

and how to address those problems.


Learning the difference between listening to their peers/parents and their coach

Learning the difference between playing to win vs competeing to win

Basics need to be taught first, and a progression needs to be set and stay steady

Teams have no guidence from coaching staff on how to treat youth players

Learning when to choose a sport, understanding other sports help athleticism

Breaking down the elements of how to train and be a successful player


"Strive for Five" Breakdown



Players will develop skills that help them in their game, as well as when they practice on their own. Skating, shooting, passing, body contact, body control and puck handling are the basic skills a player must develop. Our program breaks down each specific skill and allows a player to form their game according to what works best for them.


As a player grows and develops their game, focusing on their strength and conditioning is just as important as focusing on skill development. On ice and off ice strength training are often overlooked when a player hits PeeWee level. At this age group, a player's body develops and grows phyisically, so strength and conditioning will help with all aspects of their game. Don't forget about building stamina either; backchecking is a big part of the game and every player needs to be able to play both ends of the rink.


It doesn't matter if you are a Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, High School, Junior, College, or adult player, knowledge of the game is something that never stops. Even the best hockey players in the world learn and tune up their game situational strategies. X's and O's, situations and scenarios, and learning how to compete are a big part of what we teach. Learning how to give and receive a check, how to play a dumped puck in the corner, and how to play on certain spots on the ice are important for any player to learn. The more you know, the safer you are. Please feel free to reach out about video review sessions.


This is a big one. You need to respect the game for what it is. Mistakes are made; no one is perfect. Slamming sticks on the ice or against the boards, or turning your head to the sky because you missed the shot are examples of how a player reacts to the game. Emotions are okay to have, that's what makes a competitive player; however, learning how to control and use those emotions is something that a player needs to figure out. Did you see the rebound that came back to you from the shot you took after you looked at the sky? We teach players to control their emotions so they can stay focused on the game.



After surveying players, we found around 80% want to play in the NHL. The 20% that had a different answer consisted of using the sport to get into a good school, or to play as a hobby when they get older. We try to help players set a path and guide them in the direction they wish to go in their life. Let's be honest, a player needs a tremendous amount of dedication to make it the the NHL, and to guarantee we will get a player there is a big promise. We will do our best to place a player at a high competeitive level and help them strive to reach their end goal. Each player has to work hard for their ultimate dream.

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