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"When no one wanted my son, Jimmy and Anthony took him under his wing. A 4 year old that just wanted to play with the big kids, Anthony taught him the game. For 3 years now Anthony has been there every step of the way pushing him to his limits. Anthony is everything you want in a coach and more."

“Our son has been skating with Coach Anthony and attending his camps and clinics for more than 5 years. Coach Anthony's focus on small area drills, skating techniques, and strategy has proven very valuable and he continually challenges our son and the rest of his players to elevate their games to the next level.  His encouragement and passion for hockey has had a big impact on our son’s hockey development, competitiveness, and successes both on and off the ice.  As parents, we’ve learned that the quality of coaching for young players is extremely important. Coach Anthony’s coaching style and genuine interest to help our son work hard to reach his full potential are a few of the many reasons we are thrilled to have him as a coach.  He exemplifies all that you could want in a coach.” 


"Anthony has been our son's squirt aa coach for two seasons. We realized early on that we were in for a great experience with him. His passion and expertise are evident immediately. He takes the time to understand the boys as individuals as well as how they work within the team. He holds the boys to high standards while making sure they have fun along the way. The boys have such respect for him and work hard to make him proud. We appreciate the way he builds the boys' confidence using constructive criticism rather than demeaning or embarrassing them. Whether it's for your child or yourself, I would highly recommend Anthony if you're looking for someone to help you improve your game."


"The Pellegrino brothers are some of the best coaches I know in Westchester County. They cares a lot about the game and the people they works with. I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their game, Novice or Advanced."

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