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On Ice Training

- Speed

     - Power, Balance, Stops and Starts, Crossovers, Turns, Edgework

- Shooting

     - Foot/Hand/Head position, Puck placement, Weight transfer

- Passing

- Battles

- Checking

- Gametime situations and hockey sense training

- What to do and what not to do

- When to do and when not to do

- Quick hands and escape drills

- Conditioning

- Flow Drills

Off Ice Training

- Off Ice agility training consisting of the following, but not limited to

     - Agility ladder

     - Agility hurdles

     - Medicine ball drills

     - Forearm strengthening

     - Parachute running

     - Agility stick handling with variety of pucks and hockey balls

     - Agility squares

     - Running and sprinting drills

     - Conditioning

     - Weight lifting (age appropriate)

Additional Off Ice

- Off Ice 

     - Chalk talk and open question session

     - Video review

     - Send us game fottage for breakdown

     - Nutrition advice

     - Pregame preparation

     - Game situation 

     - Evaluation reports (Part of the Strive for Five program)

Parental Guidence

- There are a lot of parents in the sport who have either never played the sport, or do not have the knowledge of the sport to help their player continue their hockey career past youth hockey. We are here for all of the amazing dedicated parents who spend countless hours at the rink so their child can skate as much as possible. We are an email or phone call away for any questions you may have. We will get back to you as quickly as possible with as much information we can. 

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